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Check Valve Diagram

Why Do DFT® Axial Flow Check Valves Inherently Reduce Water Hammer?

Posted by Jeff Kane on

Hydraulic shock—more commonly known as “water hammer”—occurs when the flow within a pipe is suddenly forced to change direction, which creates a pressure wave that can be characterized by a loud knocking or banging sound. In piping and process systems, water hammer often happens upon closing a valve to stop or redirect flow. It’s important… Read More

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New Technology at DFT

Posted by Jeff Kane on

DFT® Inc. is proud to announce the implementation of new advanced robotics technology to streamline the manufacturing process at our Exton, PA headquarters. This high technology robot provides the efficient production of lapped discs, which is an important manufacturing process at DFT, allowing for the tight metal-seated shutoff of our axial flow, spring-assisted check valves.… Read More

Check Valve Selection, Positioning, Orientation

Check Valve Installation

Posted by Jeff Kane on

Check valves play a critical role in preventing backflow and protecting sensitive equipment, pipes, pumps, and compressors. However, check valves can’t function at their best if they aren’t installed properly. Mistakes in installation can manifest in valve leakage or failure, compromising the integrity of the entire piping system.  Swing check valves, double-door check valve, or… Read More

DFT® Control Valve Webinar FAQ

Posted by Jeff Kane on

DFT® recently held a webinar on severe service control valves. To follow up on the information we presented, here are some answers to questions we’ve received. Are you coping with corrosive aggressive services? Which materials do you use?  Our Ultra-Trol valve is designed to withstand corrosive media with a combination of metallurgy and controlling fluid… Read More

Common Problems with Pumps and Compressors

Posted by Jeff Kane on

Companies in many industries rely on pumps and compressors to safely and efficiently transport fluids throughout their facilities. These systems appear in manufacturing sectors ranging from: Pharmaceutical Food and beverage processing Petrochemical Power generation The size and output of a pump or a compressor varies depending on the fluid that it handles as well as… Read More