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Benefits of Vacuum Breaker Check Valves

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What It Is Vacuum breaker check valves relieve unwanted low-pressure conditions within closed systems. They are installed directly into the system and allow air to enter the system when internal pressure drops below atmospheric pressure. When closed tanks are drained of liquid or during a phase change — when water transitions from steam to condensate,… Read More

Hospital Building Systems and the Role of the Check Valves

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Hospitals and healthcare environments serve thousands of employees, patients, and visitors 24/7. It is essential that these large campus systems are properly constructed and maintained to produce a safe, effective, and efficient environment for the benefit of all who use these facilities. These facility systems are complex and include utility services that provide power, heat,… Read More

Threaded Check Valves Guide

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Threaded check valves are a type of valve that features either internal or external threaded end connections. The term “threaded” refers to the valve end connection, which is the component of the valve that connects with the piping system. This type of valve is typically easy to install and performs very well in applications with… Read More

DFT®’s ALC® and WLC® Wafer Check Valves

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ALC & WLC Check Valves

Water hammer is a problem that can occur in piping systems that use pumps or valves to control liquid or steam flows. It is commonly caused by a sudden closure of a valve or shutdown of a pump and presents as a loud banging or knocking sound in the pipes. If the problem is severe… Read More

Webinar Q&A: Hydrogen Production and the Role of Engineered Check Valves

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As a follow-up to our November 2022 webinar, Hydrogen Production and the Role of Engineered Check Valves, we’re sharing the questions we received from the audience. The answers are provided by host Stephen O’Neill, Director of Sales and Marketing of DFT ® Inc. O’Neill, MBA, is a degreed Mechanical Engineer with 30 years of experience… Read More