In the United States, a portion of taxpayers’ money is used to fund various municipal services, including the construction of buildings, maintenance of public roadways, and supplying water for human consumption and industrial processes. The full range of these services varies depending on the region, but overall, the municipal industry exists to support daily living. 

Applications in the Municipal Industry

Municipal applications, such as proper building construction and maintenance, rely on various types of specialized equipment and interconnected components, including check valves. Check valves play a critical role in ensuring that many municipal services operate smoothly. Many municipal facilities have pumps and compressors in water or hydraulic lines that need protection from reverse flow and water hammer. Check valves ensure the most efficient performance in these lines. 

Check valves are critical to the water utility and distribution industry. They are used throughout the systems that facilitate the disposal of municipal waste, the containment of sewage, and the treatment of wastewater. In water and wastewater treatment applications, check valves are used in the piping systems that regulate the flow and pressure of water, prevent the negative effects of corrosion and scaling, support salt crystallization processes, and prevent reverse flow of water in cooling towers. 

Additionally, check valves are crucial in fire protection systems, as they prevent reverse flow, contamination and flooding from water sources. Check valve products also play important roles in applications such as chemical injection systems and biogas for vacuum trucks. 

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Municipal Check Valve Considerations

Choosing the wrong check valve can lead to process inefficiencies, premature wear, and even valve component failure. To ensure optimal performance, municipal check valves should possess the following characteristics:

  • Provide a tight shutoff. Tight shutoff is crucial to preventing backflow, which can cause costly damages in various municipal applications.
  • Eliminate water hammer. Water hammer is a pressure surge caused when fluid is forced to stop or suddenly change directions. This often causes vibration and noise that can lead to damage. Fast-closing municipal check valves stop the pressure surge and shock waves that can rupture equipment. 
  • Provide a return on investment. It’s important to select a check valve that offers optimal performance for your municipal application. While certain check valves may have higher upfront costs, their superior quality will provide a longer lifetime and better return on investment.
  • Maintenance-free. Maintenance-free check valves reduce the amount of time, money, and resources spent on excessive valve repairs and downtime.
  • Sized for the actual flow. Check valves should be sized based on the flow requirements of each specific municipal application. Using the wrong size check valve can cause inefficient  performance and premature component wear. At DFT, we size check valves to your specifications.

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Check valves play an important role in the smooth operation of various municipal services. At DFT Inc., we are a world-class manufacturer of check valves. Our products are known for preventing or eliminating water hammer problems and providing reliable performance for a range of industries and applications. 

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