Sanitary Check Valves

Sanitary check valves prevent liquid backflow during manufacturing processes that involve the passage of fluids between systems. In particular, spring-check valves help maintain closure pressure to create a positive shutoff.

check valves DFTDFT® offers a full range of sanitary check valves for a diverse array of industrial applications. All DSV® in-line spring-assisted check valves are certified 3A standard 58-02, and are designed for industries that abide by strict sanitary codes. We build our valves with quick, easy, and reliable flow reversal in mind.

DSV® valves come in many sizes to meet the needs of most piping arrangements. We build valves from 0.5” to 4” line size, and our products can meet vertical or horizontal specifications as required.

DSV® valves come with a certified Clean-in-Place design. Featuring a 316L stainless steel body and seat, the DSV is fastened to valves using a quick-release clamp and elastomeric body seal. In order to provide superior shutoff capability, the disc and seat have also been lapped.

What Are Sanitary Valves Used For?

Sanitary valves are two-port valves that feature two separate openings on their body. Fluid enters one opening and exits from the other. These valves help with applications that require liquids to flow in only one direction.

Sanitary valves come in two forms: horizontal and vertical.

  • Horizontal valves are suited to horizontal lines that need self-draining valves
  • Vertical valves can be used in either vertical or horizontal installations; in horizontal applications, vertical valves help when self-draining valves can’t maintain pump prime and temperature continuity

In the case of horizontal spring-check valves, product flow pushes a disc in the valve away from the seat. When forward flow pressure is removed, the electropolished spring will return the disc to its original position and hold it against the seat to keep it closed. Backflow pressure will also force the disc into the closed position.

Check valves help in scenarios that require the evacuation of process pipelines. This can occur for a host of reasons, especially those involving product recovery or drainage. Some applications may also require air agitation on the products in the pipelines or in the tanks they lead to. Check valves can accomplish this.

DSV® valves use a disc rather than a ball. It’s important to note that disc valves, while more cost-effective than ball valve options, are not generally recommended for applications that involve heavy and/or pulsating flows.

Industries That Use Sanitary Check Valves

Check valves appear in many industries that work with pressurized fluids. They most frequently appear in facilities involving:

  • Food and beverage processing
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Chemical processing

In these industries and others, sanitary check valves play roles in controlling fluid movement in:

  • Condensate lines
  • Evaporators
  • Gas purges

Sanitary Check Valves from DFT®

DFT® assembles all sanitary check valves under tightly controlled manufacturing conditions to ensure product quality, reliability, and adherence to specifications. We carry out magnifying glass inspections on each product before assembly to ensure all check valves are up to our standards. Our sanitary-style check valves outperform their competition in a host of batch process applications in the paint, food and beverage, and pharmaceutical processing and manufacturing fields.

Furthermore, our sanitary check valves feature 316L castings that we’ve machined and polished to reach an improved 32-Ra finish. After completing this process, we once again inspect valves for even the smallest defects.

DSV® Valves for All Occasions

We engineer all our valves with utility and quality in mind. If you’re looking for check valves that will improve your facility’s safety and efficiency, please browse our sanitary check valve product catalogue.

You can also download our eBook about the importance of sanitary check valves to learn more about this valuable technology. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you would like to learn more about how our valves can benefit your industry.