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Ask an Engineer: Water Hammer Solutions

Posted by Jeff Kane on

In our most recently aired DFT® Inc. webinar, about Water Hammer, our experts discussed the definition of water hammer, the effects of hydraulic shock, and how to prevent water hammer using DFT Axial Flow Silent Check Valves. If you missed this webinar, it is now available on demand on the DFT® website. Our expert host… Read More

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Webinar Q&A: Solutions to your Check Valve Problems

Posted by Jeff Kane on

Check Valve Installation & Piping Design Guidelines As a follow up from our webinar “Solutions to your check valve problems”, we are sharing, in this post, a few of the questions received from the audience. A variety of questions came in which are answered here by our host Arie Bregman, vice president and general manager… Read More

New Webinar From DFT®: Solutions to Your Check Valve Problems — Important Valve Installation and Piping Design Guidelines

Posted by Jeff Kane on

Even one minor mistake in an otherwise well-designed piping system can cause serious, high-maintenance problems — such as water hammer — that can damage pumps and other components. At DFT®, we’ve seen best-case scenarios, and we’ve seen catastrophes, especially involving the installation and maintenance of check valves.  To help understand the many factors that go… Read More

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Benefits of the WLC® Wafer Style Silent Check Valve

Posted by Jeff Kane on

Typically used to restrict fluid flow to a single direction, check valves play an integral role in all types of liquid networks. At DFT® Inc., we’ve been manufacturing top-quality check valves and control valves since 1943. The DFT® Model WLC® Wafer Style Check Valve, a spring-assisted, lightweight model, offers a number of unique advantages over… Read More

Why You Should Replace Your Swing Check Valve With a Silent Check Valve

Posted by Jeff Kane on

Used to restrict fluid flow to a certain direction, check valves are employed in the vast majority of industrial processes. At DFT® Inc., we provide a wide range of check valves for use in diverse industrial applications. Our spring-assisted in-line check valves, for instance, are specifically designed to prevent water hammer by eliminating the risk… Read More