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Check Valves in the Natural Gas Industry: Explore Our eBook

Posted by Jeff Kane on

PDC check valve

Learn how DFT’s PDC Check Valves helped alleviate issues with a West Virginia company’s piston check valves, and about our accompanying ebook that gives you everything you need to know about PDC Check Valves.

Watch Our New Company Video: DFT® World-Class Manufacturer of Check Valves and Control Valves

Posted by Jeff Kane on

For more than 75 years, DFT® has been in the business of manufacturing check valves and control valves in the United States. What sets DFT® apart from our competitors is that we are an engineered valve company. Our objectives are to solve check and control valve problems and prevent issues like water hammer and check… Read More

LSV-100® (General Service Globe Style Control Valve)

Posted by Jeff Kane on


The LSV-100® control valve is a cost-effective valve used to control the flow of liquid, gas, and steam in a variety of systems. Designed for use on flanged pipes and fixtures, the LSV-100® control valve is a globe-style valve that can be used for both on/off applications and flow modulation. The trims can be replaced… Read More

Webinar Q&A: Engineered Valve Solutions for Natural Gas

Posted by Jeff Kane on

As a follow-up to our webinar, Engineered Check Valve Solutions For Natural Gas Applications, we are sharing the questions we received from the audience. The answers are provided by host Arie Bregman, vice president and general manager of DFT® Inc. and a 35-year industry veteran, who is an active member in the U.S. Valve Manufacturers… Read More

What Is Cracking Pressure?

Posted by Jeff Kane on

DFT Valve full open

What Is Check Valve Cracking Pressure? Cracking pressure refers to the inlet pressure level at which the first sign of flow is present. It can also be described as a measure of the pressure differential between the inlet and outlet ports of the valve when flow is initially detected. Specifically, cracking pressure is the least… Read More

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