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The Special Cleaning Needed for Cryogenic Valves

Posted by Jeff Kane on

Cryogenic valves are intended for use in extremely cold applications, the term cryogenic generally is applied to temperatures below -50oC. Valves for cryogenic service have to be constructed of materials that retain their ductility at these very cold temperatures as well as special gaskets and seals that are suitable for extremely cold temperatures. Industries that deal… Read More

3 Effective Methods to Prevent Check Valve Failure

Posted by Jeff Kane on

Increasing the Life Span of a Check Valve Check valves are an important component in piping used to transport fluids. A properly functioning check valve allows liquid to flow in one direction and prevents reverse flow in the opposite direction. Proper installation and preventative valve maintenance are necessary to keep check valves in peak condition.… Read More

DFT® Makes Commitment to Sustainable Energy with Solar Initiative

Posted by Jeff Kane on

Most manufacturing operations take a substantial amount of power to operate, often making it difficult for industry stakeholders to effectively reduce their carbon footprint. However, with improvements in solar panel technology and power storage, it is now possible for industrial facilities to significantly reduce their impact on the environment. Solar also makes more financial sense… Read More

Safety Protocols in the Workplace

Posted by Jeff Kane on

For any manufacturing business, safety is of the utmost concern. A company’s workers are its most valuable asset, and toprotect that asset, it’s critical to maintain a working environment that prioritizes health and safety. At DFT, employee health and safety is placed above all else. We are committed to maintaining a safe and hazard-free environment… Read More

Ask an Engineer: Water Hammer Solutions

Posted by Jeff Kane on

In our most recently aired DFT® Inc. webinar, about Water Hammer, our experts discussed the definition of water hammer, the effects of hydraulic shock, and how to prevent water hammer using DFT Axial Flow Silent Check Valves. If you missed this webinar, it is now available on demand on the DFT® website. Our expert host… Read More

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