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DFT Launches Intuitive, New Company Website

Posted by Jeff Kane on

DFT Inc. is proud to introduce you to our company’s new website! Though we have been a mainstay in the valve manufacturing industry for over seven decades, we always strive to provide more for our clients; with this redesigned website, you will experience DFT’s offerings in new, exciting ways. What You’ll Find on the Website… Read More

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Using DFT Check Valve to Solve High Flow Lockout in Combustion Turbine

Posted by Jeff Kane on

There was a case study done at a power company regarding the installation of the check valve developed by DFT Inc. near the combustion turbine. The GLC Check Valve developed by DFT is connected on Low NOx Dual Fuel Turbines. The combustion turbines can run using diesel fuel or natural gas. When the turbine is… Read More

Watch DFT Valves’ ALC® Axial Flow Check Valve in Action

Posted by Jeff Kane on

Check valves are instrumental for regulating fluid flow within a given valve system. When properly chosen and installed, check valves are meant to operate seamlessly throughout their design life; improper check valves can lead to harmful complications—such as water hammer. Water hammer is one of the most common problems befalling check valves. Simply put, water… Read More

DFT Model PDC® Solves Air Compressor Problems

Posted by Jeff Kane on

Inside their control valve test and research facility, a major valve manufacturer was using two reciprocating air compressors that were designed to run until the stored air pressure in the extremely large volume tanks reached a set point. They would then shut off for anywhere from several minutes to several hours, depending on demand. During… Read More

Consequences of and Solutions to Water Hammer

Posted by Jeff Kane on

Water hammer is a phenomenon that can be either a mild nuisance or a severe problem. It is usually considered a safety hazard. The extreme pressure caused by water hammer can blow out gaskets and cause pipes to suddenly rupture, causing serious injury to anyone nearby. Identifying Water Hammer Usually, you can identify water hammer… Read More