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Maintenance and Replacement Blog Series: SCV-R® Check Valves for High Cracking Pressure

Posted by Jeff Kane on

At DFT® Inc., our SCV-R® Check Valves exemplify our commitment to providing products that can withstand the toughest environments, including applications with high cracking pressure. These products are fully comparable to their counterpart, the DFT® Model SCV®, but with enhanced features that allow them to endure high cracking pressure conditions—including a spring-assisted, non-slam design that… Read More

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Ways to Maintain Your Control Valve Maintenance Budget

Posted by Jeff Kane on

Today’s power generating plants face two major factors: reduced maintenance budgets and competition from renewable energy. Maintenance budgets are tight, often forcing managers to put off problems that really require serious attention. The increasing popularity of renewable energy sources is diminishing the demand for traditional fossil power generation.  As a result, plants are regularly operating… Read More

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Valve Basics Seminar Recap

Posted by DFT Valves on

Each year, the Valve Manufacturers Association of America (VMA) hosts a series of highly regarded Valve Basics Seminars & Exhibits to give industry associates — ranging from engineering students to experienced professionals looking to broaden their subject knowledge — a hands-on crash course in valves. Last month’s three-day seminar hosted approximately 70 participants at the… Read More

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Maintenance and Replacement Blog Series: Preventing Water Hammer with SCV® Check Valves

Posted by Jeff Kane on

For more than 70 years, DFT® Inc. has focused on manufacturing dependable and high-quality check valves across all industries. We have a long history of solving valve problems and preventing failures, exemplified by our line of SCV® Check Valves. Specially designed for tight shutoff, high cycling, and system protection from the effects of water hammer,… Read More

Vacuum Breaker Check Valve diagram

Maintenance & Replacement Valves Blog Series:
Vacuum Breakers and Their Applications

Posted by Jeff Kane on

Valves play an integral part in many applications performed by anyone from a manufacturer to an engineer to a construction manager. The basic function of a valve is to control both the flow and pressure within a process or system. The functions of a valve include: Regulating a flow or process pressure Relieving a system… Read More

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