FAQ About Our Products and Services


Can I order directly from DFT®?

We sell through distribution, so we cannot sell directly to end users. We recommend contacting a distributor in your area that sells DFT® products to order them for you.

To get in touch with a DFT® regional manager in your area, please see our Contact Us MAP for Check Valves or Control Valves.

Does DFT® sell & ship internationally?

Yes, we sell internationally through our distributors.

How do you ship?

Our standard shipping is either through UPS or arranged freight shipments. If you need a rush shipment, please let us know when you place the order, and we can expedite the shipping.

When can I expect an order to ship?

We have a large amount of standard valve inventory, which can ship within 3-5 days. We can expedite shipping for an additional charge.

For custom ordered valves, shipment is determined based on custom materials, engineering specifications, and inventory availability.

Do you have a minimum order?

Yes, net $100.00.

What is your return policy?

Unused valves in their original boxes can be returned to DFT® for a refund. There is a standard 25% restocking fee added to returned valves. For more information, please contact DFT® Factory.

Where can I find out about your Terms and Conditions?

Please follow the link here.

What are your warranty terms?

Each DFT® product is warranted against defects in material and workmanship for one year after being placed in service or 18 months after shipment, when these products are properly installed, maintained, and used within the service and temperature and pressure ranges for which they were designed and manufactured, and provided they have not been subject to accident, negligence, alteration, abuse, misuse, or the like. Read full warranty information here.

Where can I find your part number description sheet?

DFT® has created a smart numbering system to assist in identifying and ordering our check valves.

Within the part number, you can identify key elements of your check valve. Visit our Resource Library to find a downloadable copy of our Smart Part Number Sheet.

How should I send my technical information to DFT®?

We have a Check Valve Sizing Form and Control Valve Data Form available to help you consolidate all your important specifications. Just download the form, fill it out, and send to either your DFT® regional sales manager or directly to our team at dft@dft-valves.com.

Do you sell parts?

Yes, we sell parts for all of our valves manufactured by DFT®. They are referred to as repair kits. Just tell us the valve number or style you want, and we can order the correct internal parts for your valve.

What additional services can DFT® provide?

We have additional service adders for our check valves that include:

Custom Sizing, Documentation, Critical Cleaning, Passivation, Stellite Trim, Welding, Crating, and Tagging.

Special testing is available for Radiography, Helium Testing, and Nitrogen Testing – contact DFT® for more information.

Documentation is available upon request for CMTRs, Charpy Test, PED Certification, PMI/LDP, Certificate of Compliance, Certified Hydro Testing, Certified Drawings, and others. Note that some charges may apply. Contact us for more information.

What information is in the Partner Portal? As a distributor, how do I enter it?

The Partner Portal is a location to access all DFT® published and downloadable information including catalogs, cut sheets, warranty, and eBooks. It is for distributor partners only. You can gain access by contacting your regional sales representative.

Do you offer Sales Training?

Yes we do! Just contact us or your regional sales representative to inquire for individuals or a group. We can come to you or you can visit our headquarters for hands-on training. PDU certificates are available for training sessions upon request.

What valves are in your sales sample case and how do I purchase one?

A DFT® sample case is available to distributors. To sign up, simply contact us or your regional sales representative. The sample case contains each style of our check valves; some are cutaways to see the internal workings of the valve. Control valve sample cases are also available upon request.


What are your normal business hours?

We are open from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM EST. We are closed on most Federal Holidays.

What is your phone number or contact information?

Is there a list of DFT® Distributors online?

Your local regional sales manager can recommend a supplier in your area. Visit our Check Valve Map Page or Control Valve Map Page to find a representative near you.

Do you offer tours of your manufacturing facility?

Yes we do! Sign up here or contact DFT® for more information on tour times and availability.


What are your quality management standards? Are you ISO certified?

DFT® is ISO 9001:2015 certified. We also have certifications for 3A, PED, API 6D, and others. To read about what valves contain specific certifications, see our Codes and Standards page. You can also download a copy of our certifications in our Resources page.

Do you test your valves?

Yes, 100% of the valves manufactured by DFT® are tested prior to being shipped to our customers.

Are you NSF-61 Certified?

No. While our valves meet the specifications, we cannot supply certificate or tagging noting NSF-61.

Does DFT® have Pressure/Flow Curves?

We do not publish flow curves, but we do provide custom sizing on check valves. Contact us or your regional sales manager for sizing information for your application.

How long has DFT® been making check valves?

We have been making check valves for over 75 years. See our DFT® Company video that talks about our history and manufacturing facility.

I didn’t see my question here—how can I find out more information?

Contact us today: dft@dft-valves, 610-363-8903, or contact us page.