Water Treatment Check Valves

Water is among the world’s most essential natural resources. Just as it aids in the development of human life and agricultural products, water is utilized to support various industrial processes such as heating, cooling, and sterilization.

The water treatment industry consists of three main segments: wastewater treatment, which removes impurities caused by any industrial process from nearby water supplies; boiler water treatment, which safeguards boiler systems against potentially hazardous chemical substances; and cooling water treatment, which maintains the integrity of recirculating water systems in industrial facilities.

To provide optimal efficiency to industrial processes, water treatment professionals depend on several types of valve products. DFT® provides a variety of easy-to-install, low-maintenance, and cost-effective check valves based on the specific water treatment application.

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Types of Check Valves Used in Wastewater and Water Treatment

DFT® Inc. offers a comprehensive range of check valves designed to meet the diverse requirements of water treatment applications. Here’s an overview of our water treatment valves:

Wafer Check Valves:

WLC® Cast Iron Body Check Valve

WLC® Cast Iron Body Check Valve:  This cast iron check valve is available in 2” to 10” line size and offers non-slam, low-maintenance service, for a wide range of temperatures and pressures.

WLC® Wafer Check Valve

WLC® Wafer Check Valve: The stainless steel WLC® valve  is available in 2” to 10” line size and provides reliable performance for a large range of fluids and temperature/pressure combinations.

ALC® Wafer Check Valves

ALC® Wafer Check Valve: The ALC® valve  is available in 2” to 24” line size that has a compact design that fits between mating flanges. Preventing reverse flow and water hammer, it is a reliable choice for durable, efficient flow control.

FBC® Insert Wafer Check Valve

FBC® Insert Wafer Check Valve: This insert wafer check available in 1″ thru 4″ line size is designed for minimum space installation across multiple applications. The FBC® valve provides tight shutoff and prevents reverse flow and water hammer.

Threaded Check Valves:

SCV® Threaded In-Line Check Valve

SCV® Threaded In-Line Check Valve: The SCV® threaded in-line check valve is a cost-effective, corrosion-resistant, non-slam valve ideal for a variety of water treatment applications.

Restrictor Threaded In-Line Check Valve

Restrictor Threaded In-Line Check Valve: Also designed for higher cracking pressures than the DFT® Basic-check valve, this valve is an all-purpose product that offers low-maintenance service for fluids at various temperature/pressure combinations.

Flanged Check Valves:

DLC® Flanged Check Valve

DLC® Flanged Check Valve: Versatile, corrosion-resistant, and reliable, the DLC® flanged check valve offers tight shutoff and prevents water hammer.

Excalibur® Flanged Check Valve

Excalibur® Flanged Check Valve: The center-guided, spring-assisted check valve offers B16.10 face-to-face dimensions. It is low-maintenance and is available in many pressure ratings and sizes to accommodate your system.

GLC® Flanged Check Valve

GLC® Flanged Check Valve: The GLC® has a short face-to-face dimension and is available  2” to 26” line size. API 6D availability.

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Selecting the Best Check Valve for Water Treatment Applications

Choosing the right industrial water valve for your water treatment system involves several key considerations, such as the proper valve type, end connection, fluid type, flow rate, space available, cost, and more.

Valve Type

  • Wafer Check Valves stand out for their lightweight, compact design providing a cost-effective solution. These valves are particularly well-suited for chemical dosing lines, clean water systems, and other low-pressure applications.
  • Threaded Check Valves are known for their compact design, tight seal, low maintenance needs, and cost-effectiveness, especially for line sizes 1’ to 4”. They are perfect for small-diameter water lines and piping systems.
  • Flanged Check Valves are engineered to handle higher pressure and high flow capacities, essential for demanding wastewater environments. Although they tend to be larger and heavier their robust construction and performance justify the investment for complex systems. Ideal for use in large-diameter pipes and systems.

Fluid Type

The selection of a check valve must also consider the type of fluid it will manage. Verifying material compatibility with the water or wastewater helps prevent corrosion and extends the valve’s service life.

Flow Rate and Pressure

It’s important to select a valve that can handle the system’s minimum and maximum flow rate and pressure demands. This ensures the valve operates efficiently and remains durable under normal operating conditions.

Installation Space

The available physical space is another important factor. Different valve types require varying amounts of space, and the choice must align with the constraints of the installation environment. DFT check valves can be installed vertical flow up, vertical flow down or horizontal.

Maintenance Requirements

Choose a valve that is dependable and features ease of maintenance and has readily available replacement parts. Doing so will significantly reduce your downtime and operational costs.


While the initial purchase price is an important consideration, it’s essential to evaluate the total cost of ownership, including maintenance expenses over the valve’s expected lifespan.

Consult with the valve specialists at DFT® for help selecting or custom sizing the right check valve for your water or wastewater application.

Check Valve for Water Treatment

Check Valve for Water Treatment

Applications in the Water Treatment Industry

Check and control valves are common in water treatment, as these products are utilized to precisely regulate both the flow and pressure of water.

Boiler systems rely on valves for the feeding and discharging of treated water. Valve products are also used to avoid the negative effects of scaling or corrosion within boilers. Additionally, check valves are utilized in cooling towers to prevent the reverse flow of water, which could otherwise lead to critical problems like water hammer and system failure if left unchecked.

Water is integral to several manufacturing processes, and the importance of high-quality check valves resonates throughout the entire water treatment industry.

Our versatile DFT® Check Valves are suitable for both vertical and horizontal installations, addressing the unique needs of the water treatment industry. Whether preventing backflow in filtration systems or ensuring flow control in chemical dosing, DFT® valves offer unparalleled performance.

Download our Wafer Style Axial Flow Check Valve Case Study to learn how our valves helped a specific customer with their wastewater treatment system.

Applications in the Water Treatment Industry

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