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How to Select the Right Control Valve

Posted by ghawkinson on

Control valves play a vital role in ensuring the efficiency of a fluid system. It is important to choose the one you use carefully. Otherwise, it may not operate or perform as expected, resulting in decreased process efficiency and/or system damage. There are many factors to consider when selecting a control valve for a fluid… Read More

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OSHA Recordable Safety Meter

DFT Achieves Safety Excellence: 365 Days and Still Counting!

Posted by Jeff Kane on

Article written by JP Hanson, a Research Specialist from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism. When it comes to manufacturing, safety is critical to DFT’s employees, and the company as a whole. DFT has a Safety Program in place that is overseen by company Vice President Arie Bregman and has an eight-person safety committee headed… Read More

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The Benefits of the MSV-100® Control Valve

Posted by Jeff Kane on

What is the MSV-100® Control Valve? The DFT® model MSV-100® control valve is a flanged medium service control valve available in the 600, 900, and 1500 class range that can handle a wide variety of fluids, including gases, liquids and steam. In addition, this valve can withstand high pressures up to 3700 psig and temperatures… Read More

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DSV® Sanitary Check Valves in the Pharmaceutical Industry: Explore Our eBook

Posted by Jeff Kane on

In sanitary manufacturing applications that employ the use of fluid systems, such as in the pharmaceutical industry, regulating fluid flow and pressure is essential to maintaining high product and production quality. Common issues—such as backflow, water hammer, and cleanliness – significantly affect the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the system. For these situations, DSV® sanitary… Read More

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Axial Flow Webinar

Q&A: Superior Protection for Pumps and Compressors – Why Axial Flow Check Valves Are Your Best Choice

Posted by Jeff Kane on

Axial Flow Check Valves are used in a wide range of pumps and compressors in a vast array of industries. DFT® hosted a webinar on this subject which outlines the differences between check valves used in their applications, as well as the advantages or disadvantages that each one presents. Here at DFT®, we frequently field… Read More

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