Test Laboratories

Prior to being released onto the market, diverse types of products are rigorously tested for quality assurance. Testing and inspection are not industry-specific; a wide range of professionals rely on product testing, including those in the manufacturing, power generation, medical, and primary metals industries.

The potential success (or failure) of a product can be determined in testing facilities across the country. Product testing provides in-depth technical information, which manufacturers use to meet the industrial and commercial requirements of their customers.

Testing facilities make use of specialized, highly advanced equipment to perform their assessments. Since precision test results are so vital to consumer safety, many facilities utilize check and control valves to support their efforts.

  • Applications

    Applications in Industrial Testing  DFT Test tubes and pipette

    In test laboratories, valve products are used in numerous applications. These products are commonly found in boilers and pumps to regulate feed and discharge. Additionally, check and control valves safeguard testing facilities from the effects of high-pressure operations and overflowing fluids. The incorporation of specialized valves in various systems can help test labs comply with the most stringent industrial standards.

  • Products

    Control Valves for Industrial Testing Applications

    To meet the application needs of test labs, DFT, Inc. offers a variety of valve products:

    • DFT® HI-100® Control Valve – This severe service valve has a venturi flow design and a contained spherical ball seating element, which helps the valve deliver consistent and efficient operation in either high or low temperatures or nearby harsh chemical substances.
    • DFT® ULTRA-TROL® Flanged Control Valve – This abrasive service valve is well-suited for lined pipe applications that need flanged end connections. The design features are similar to those of the HI-100® valve, but the ULTRA-TROL® valve’s ball, cage, and stem are all replaceable in-line, foregoing removing the valve from the line.

    Click on the control valves above to read more about their specifications in the DFT online catalog. Don’t hesitate to contact DFT directly with any questions pertaining to the test labs and our assortment of check and control valve products.