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Common Problems in Steam & Steam Condensate Systems

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SCV Check Valve

Steam plays an important role in just about every industrial segment we can think of.  Chemical processing, mining, petroleum production and refining, power generation, Pulp and Paper, and textile, are all just some of the industries that use steam every day to do what they do. Maintaining high-quality Steam carries a number of benefits including… Read More

Sanitary Check Valves for the Food & Beverage Industry

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With end products that must be safe for consumption, the food and beverage industry relies on high-performance parts in its manufacturing processes to prevent bacteria contamination and to meet stringent FDA and USDA regulations. Additionally, systems within this industry must moderate the temperature and humidity of a product for safe processing and spoilage prevention. Sanitary… Read More

Valves for the Mining Industry

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The mining and mineral sector needs robust processing systems that can meet the harsh chemical, pressure, and temperature demands of the industry. Any leaks at a mining facility could result in environmental damage coupled with penalties and fines. To reduce costly and unscheduled downtime, systems and all components must function consistently and reliably, minimizing equipment… Read More

Vacuum Breakers in the Textile Industry

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The textile industry has uses for vacuum breaker check valves and control valves throughout numerous stages of production. Check out how vacuum breakers benefit the industry, and what sets DFT’s vacuum breakers apart.

Reverse Osmosis and Purified Water

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reverse osmosis system at a plant

Reverse osmosis water purification is a technique which purifies water for use in processing everything from pharmaceuticals to food and beverages. DFT’s Check valves, like the GLC® and Excalibur® NAB, dependably manage reverse flow and water hammer to purify water.