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Come See DFT Inc. at Booth #300 at the Energy Generation Conference 2013 in Bismarck, ND

Regular readers of our blog know that PDC (Pulse Dampening Check) check valves from DFT Inc. are ideal for energy generation applications. At the 2013 Energy Generation Conference in Bismarck, ND, we’ll be exhibiting our line of valve products for energy infrastructure, and taking the opportunity to meet others in this booming industry . This year’s conference, taking place from January 29 – 31, will cover topics like water analysis through pH, the continuing growth of natural gas, and the turbine-based operation of power plants. There will also be more overview-oriented material, safety and management sessions, and presentations focusing on how to make all types of energy greener.


Desalinization: The Fresh Water Revolution

As worldwide economies continue to grow and globalization increases, the same issues as always arise. Growing, wealthier populations need more food, more shelter, and definitely more fresh water. Many such places, like those in the Middle East or Africa, have little access to fresh water, instead relying on ever-depleting sources like ground water.


Say Hello to DFT Inc. at Valve World Expo and Power-Gen!

DFT Inc. is pleased and excited to announce our upcoming attendance at two of the foremost trade shows in the country and the world. We will be in Dusseldorf, Germany for Valve World Expo 2012 from November 27th – 29th, returning back to the USA in time for Power-Gen in Orlando, FL from December 11th – 13th. These conferences afford a great opportunity to share the utility of our products, provide hands-on demonstrations, and of course, meet with business partners old and new.


Water Hammer: The True Cost

You’ve heard us mention water hammer before, and this won’t be the last time.
We thought it was about time, though, for an in-depth look at the risks and problems of water hammer vs. the time and effort involved in preventing it. For some time, water hammer was thought of as an unavoidable problem: irregularities in flow and valve construction would lead to the violent slamming action of the swing check valve that causes water hammer. Sometimes it’s just some loud noise; sometimes it means a cracked or burst pipe. Either way, anyone in the business of pipelines and liquid or steam delivery systems was sure to have an emergency repair plan at the ready. It came with the territory.

These repairs stretched beyond the damaged pipes themselves. The spike in pressure could damage equipment, and burst pipes obviously lead to damaged property, time spent cleaning up and possible injury. DFT Inc’s spring-assisted check valves can put an end to this problem. By relying on a spring action to control the reverse flow of water, steam, or gas, the slamming-back of a swing check valve is eliminated.

We know that retrofits and replacements can be time-consuming and may represent an unplanned expenditure. But the questions remain: Is it more inconvenient than a burst pipe? Is it more costly than damaged lines, equipment, and surrounding infrastructure? And, is the downtime in repairs and replacements after the fact, greater than the time to retrofit? And, what about the real threat of personal injury, or loss of life? We don’t have to hammer the answer home; we think you’ll find it clear.

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DFT Valves at MINExpo 2012

The home of places like the Golden Nugget, Las Vegas was probably the perfect locale for MINExpo 2012, taking place September 24th through 26th. The Convention Center hosted mining equipment manufacturers like Caterpillar, Komatsu, and, of course, DFT Valves, for the opportunity to showcase some of their (and our) signature products for mining firms large and small. One of the primary benefits of MINExpo is not only the chance to meet with contracting firms and end users, but also with other manufacturers. Face to face interactions like these can lead to exciting new partnerships and innovations that might not otherwise occur.