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Moving Clean Energy Along

In the pursuit of cleaner energy, natural gas is one of the most practical and viable solutions currently available. According to the federal Energy Information Administration, from now until 2035, natural gas will account for 80% of new electricity generation capacity. As you probably know, natural gas can’t just be extracted from any location. Geologists […]

Keep City Hydrants in Check

Although its official start was June 20, the dog days of summer are already in full force for many parts of the country. Heat waves, a string of days with temperatures of 90° or more, have hit several areas, sending some folks searching for shade, while others seek out beaches, swimming pools, or anywhere some […]

At What Cost Would You Pay for Safety?

Almost 45 years ago, nine people died in a terrible gas pipeline accident in Georgia. The truly sad part of the whole story is that it was completely preventable. If the pipeline in question had been equipped with a simple and relatively inexpensive safety valve the accident would not have happened. You might imagine that […]

Cleaner Energy: Looking to the Future

One of the fastest-growing energy segments in the world is natural gas. The combination of a drive for cleaner energy options and the goal of North American energy independence means that the natural gas industry will only continue to grow moving forward. Extractors long ago realized that traditional transportation options of natural gas, like tankers […]

A Successful Exhibit at ACHEMA 2012

DFT® Valves’ Booth 19A was a busy place recently at the ACHEMA show in Frankfurt, Germany, where we had the opportunity to exhibit our extensive line of check and control valves to a global network of experts and executives in the chemical engineering and process industry. This week-long show boasted an attendance of more than […]

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