DFT Inc.’s Pulp and Paper Check Valves: Write On!

If you think of paper manufacturing (and its raw material, wood pulp), you probably think of trees, huge mills, and giant rollers. Water and liquid chemical delivery systems might not be the first things that come to mind. Both, however, comprise important steps in both pulp and paper production. Quick explanation: wood pulp is made up of certain fibers from wood, separated out from the main piece. This separation can be achieved through a number of different methods, one of which is through chemicals specially intended to break down the raw wood, while leaving the key cellulose fiber intact. As you might imagine, these chemicals can be fairly harsh, which is why DFT Inc.’s severe service check valves are the perfect replacement for standard swing check valves on batch digester systems.

Another area in which valves are necessary is in the papermaking itself. Once the pulp has been separated and sent to a paper mill, it needs to be mixed with water in order to be formed into sheets (these aren’t 8 ½ x 11” sheets – they’re huge rolls weighing several tons). This slurry, as it’s called, is the first step to getting your printer paper and notebooks to you. Various grades and sizes of paper are possible, ranging in brightness, smoothness, color, and more, but all start this way. Again, DFT Inc.’s spring-assisted check valves ensure that the water delivery system runs smoothly and free of water hammer – something that’s not the case with typical swing check valves.

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