The Newest Member of the DFT Family: The Doosan Puma 700

Who doesn’t love a new piece of machinery for the shop? Here at DFT Valves, we’re excited to announce the addition of the Doosan Puma 700 turning center to our in-house valve machining capabilities. As you can see, it’s a pretty serious piece of equipment. The picture below shows the new Doosan at work, machining a 16” 600# PDC check valve body. What’s more, this is barely approaching the limits of the Doosan’s capacity – we can now manufacture valves up to 24”, in-house and ready to ship to our customers, direct from DFT.

DoosanThe heavy-duty capabilities of the Doosan mean that we can continue our history of manufacturing the most effective check valves for water, steam, and gas pipeline applications. With the new in-house large scale capacity, the time from order to delivery is shorter, and our industrial and municipal customers can continue to utilize us for the full range of their valve needs. Whatever the size of the valve you need, we continue to maintain the innovation and excellence that lets us solve problems like water hammer, pressure spikes, and cracked pipes. Learn more about DFT’s valve products here, and learn more about the Doosan here.

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