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Maintenance & Replacement Valves Blog Series:
Vacuum Breakers and Their Applications

Valves play an integral part in many applications performed by anyone from a manufacturer to an engineer to a construction manager. The basic function of a valve is to control both the flow and pressure within a process or system. The functions of a valve include:

  • Regulating a flow or process pressure
  • Relieving a system of pressure
  • Stopping or starting a flow
  • Increasing or reducing a flow
  • Controlling the flow’s direction

Vacuum Breaker Check Valve diagramKeeping this in mind, a Vacuum Breaker Check Valve provides effective protection against collapse of pressure vessels, tanks and piping. This particular valve prevents condensate “back-up” when equipment is shut down or inlet steam is reduced by modulating control valves. Within a piping system, DFT® Vacuum Breakers can perform helpful tasks, such as:

  • Breaking a siphon
  • Preventing pipe collapse during transient pressure drops
  • Providing additional air on downstream side of check valves to help prevent water hammer

This variation of a check valve, or Vacuum Breaker, features a spring-assisted silent closure. If there is no pressure on the valve, the spring pushes the disc into a closed position. Other features include:

  • 1” to 4” size range (MNPT)
  • 450 to 6000 CWP
  • Threaded O.D. with unthreaded inlet bore
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Horizontal or vertical installation
  • Tight shutoff – lapped disc and seat
  • Inconel X-750 Spring
  • soft seat options

The wide variety of DFT® Vacuum Breakers makes it easy to find and install the one that’s correct for any application. Beyond their use in building water systems, they can be used in anything from chemical processing to power generation to pharmaceutical applications.

With so many applications requiring a strict no-backflow function, we’ve compiled a list of codes and standards, as well as industry applications into a downloadable catalog. Select the button below to download our free eBook, Vacuum Breaker Check Valves: Your Defense Against Pipe Collapse & Pressure Vessel Damage.

Download Vacuum Breaker eBook

DFT® Expansion Features Added Warehouse Space and State-of-the-art Training Facility

Good things are happening at DFT! We have just completed a 10,800 square foot expansion to our Headquarters located in Exton, Pennsylvania.  The expansion includes additional warehouse space to support new machinery, inventory equipment, and an on-site training facility.

DFT Inc HQ ExpansionThe facility expansion consists of major inventory enhancements, which includes a Vertical Storage Retrieval System (VSRS), an automated system to facilitate the storage, protection, and retrieval of stock. The VSRS stands 18 feet high and its innovative vertical design allows for 1,224 square feet of storage space, while taking up only 155 square feet of floor space.

Additional machinery includes two vertical Doosan turning centers, which will enable more in-house production with decreased turnaround time. Two five-ton overhead crane systems will assist in maneuvering products throughout the warehouse and expedite order fill rate.

The new state-of-the-art training facilities will enable DFT to host large groups for check valve and control valve product training. These training sessions are held twice a year and are open to both distributors and end users. Customers can enroll in one of these hands-on training sessions by contacting a DFT® Regional Sales Manager.

DFT’s warehouse expansion is an exciting step in our continuous journey to improve your customer experience. The added capacity for manufacturing, inventory, and training will help us to improve production and supply chain capabilities, as well customer service and satisfaction.

Click on the following link to view DFT’s full press release featured on leading industry news platforms PRWeb and ThomasNet.

Choose a Rewarding Career with DFT, Inc.

Finding an ideal career is vital for your personal and professional growth. Once you’ve started down a career path, you need to find a company that can encourage this growth—you deserve nothing less.

At DFT, Inc., we are a tight-knit company that is highly dedicated to our employees and customers alike. DFT has been a leading manufacturer of fully customized, world class check valves and control valves for over 70 years.

Since the beginning, we have always listened to the needs of our customers; our first product, the Basic-Check® valve, was specially designed to provide tight shut-off while in any position. As the years progressed, the application requirements of our customers grew, and as such, our capabilities grew as well. The technical proficiency of the DFT team led to the innovation of unique valve products, capable of delivering high performance to any industrial application.

Open Positions
Today, DFT is a leader in the valve manufacturing industry. DFT’s success is attributed to our commitment to providing the highest level of customer satisfaction; this commitment begins with selecting talented individuals to join our company. Our newly launched Career Page currently has the following open positions:

  • CNC Machinist
    Our machinists organize and operate computer numerical control (CNC) machines to create the metallic components of our valve products. This position revolves around meticulous attention to detail regarding blueprints, drawings, and other documents to determine part tolerances and dimensions and set up requirements.CNC machinists are also responsible for the smooth operation of machinery, and they must verify that all created workpieces meet DFT’s quality expectations.   
  • Valve Assembly
    In this position, you will be assembling seats, discs, stems, and other prepared machine parts into a diverse array of valves. Responsibilities include lifting and securing workpieces, part inspection and testing, and elimination of scratches and other imperfections through lapping, grinding, or polishing.Additionally, valve assemblers will work toward maintaining safe and clean working environments.

DFT, Inc. has grown into a global leader in the valve industry. We are proud of our accomplishments, but we never rest on our laurels; we can always improve and grow as a company, and we seek employees that are like-minded.

If you’re interesting in joining DFT, please contact us for more information.




DFT’s Arie Bregman and Jeff Kane Receive VMA Awards

DFT's Arie Bregman

DFT’s Arie Bregman is VMA’s Person of the Year

Management, technical, and engineering professionals gathered in Tucson, Arizona for the Valve Manufacturers Association of America (VMA) annual meeting. The meeting took place this past September, and it gave VMA members the opportunity to host conferences, programs, and exhibits pertaining to the valve and actuator industry.

This is the largest U.S. gathering of industry professionals, and it gives them the opportunity to discuss critical issues and current trends. The event also presents the chance to interact with consumers and market analysts; it is also the Association’s platform to recognize industry professionals who have made outstanding contributions.  (more…)

DFT Launches Intuitive, New Company Website

DFT Inc. is proud to introduce you to our company’s new website! Though we have been a mainstay in the valve manufacturing industry for over seven decades, we always strive to provide more for our clients; with this redesigned website, you will experience DFT’s offerings in new, exciting ways.


What You’ll Find on the Website

Our new website has abundant information for you to discover. The DFT site is now more fluent and responsive, with an attractive color scheme that quickly leads visitors to several helpful links, which include:

  • Check Valves – Our unique line of spring assisted check valves specialize in preventing common issues like water hammer and  reverse We offer threaded, flanged and wafer style valves in various custom sizes to suit your application.
  • Control Valves – The HI-100 offers a straight-thru design that promotes non-obstructed flow within a piping system. Our control valves come in different trim styles and sizes; these valves work well with liquids, slurries, and abrasive materials and can withstand high pressure drops.
  • Applications – If you’re unsure of which valve is right for your project, you can use this page to search by application and industry. For example: if you work in the gas compression industry and need a compressor discharge check, a PDC© flanged check valve will help. Keep in mind that our valves are quite versatile, so there’s more than one ideal valve for different applications.
  • Literature – Get the most in-depth info on our products, company certifications, data sheets, application guides, and much more. These resources have been crafted by our expert team to teach you more about our company and  its diverse products.
  • Blog – The DFT Blog has a wealth of articles on trending and relevant topics; our posts include topics such as common problems in check valve selection, the importance of accurate check valve sizing, how to solve air compressor problems, and more.
  • RFQ – Our Request for Quote page allows you to send any and all inquiries directly to our customer service representatives. We pride ourselves with the level of support we offer clients, and we respond quickly.

Visit DFT Valves Today

If you’re interested in learning more about how DFT Inc. can exceed your MRO and  project expectations, please visit our new site at