Choose a Rewarding Career with DFT, Inc.

Finding an ideal career is vital for your personal and professional growth. Once you’ve started down a career path, you need to find a company that can encourage this growth—you deserve nothing less.

At DFT, Inc., we are a tight-knit company that is highly dedicated to our employees and customers alike. DFT has been a leading manufacturer of fully customized, world class check valves and control valves for over 70 years.

Since the beginning, we have always listened to the needs of our customers; our first product, the Basic-Check® valve, was specially designed to provide tight shut-off while in any position. As the years progressed, the application requirements of our customers grew, and as such, our capabilities grew as well. The technical proficiency of the DFT team led to the innovation of unique valve products, capable of delivering high performance to any industrial application.

Open Positions
Today, DFT is a leader in the valve manufacturing industry. DFT’s success is attributed to our commitment to providing the highest level of customer satisfaction; this commitment begins with selecting talented individuals to join our company. Our newly launched Career Page currently has the following open positions:

  • CNC Machinist
    Our machinists organize and operate computer numerical control (CNC) machines to create the metallic components of our valve products. This position revolves around meticulous attention to detail regarding blueprints, drawings, and other documents to determine part tolerances and dimensions and set up requirements.CNC machinists are also responsible for the smooth operation of machinery, and they must verify that all created workpieces meet DFT’s quality expectations.   
  • Valve Assembly
    In this position, you will be assembling seats, discs, stems, and other prepared machine parts into a diverse array of valves. Responsibilities include lifting and securing workpieces, part inspection and testing, and elimination of scratches and other imperfections through lapping, grinding, or polishing.Additionally, valve assemblers will work toward maintaining safe and clean working environments.

DFT, Inc. has grown into a global leader in the valve industry. We are proud of our accomplishments, but we never rest on our laurels; we can always improve and grow as a company, and we seek employees that are like-minded.

If you’re interesting in joining DFT, please contact us for more information.




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