DFT Launches Intuitive, New Company Website

DFT Inc. is proud to introduce you to our company’s new website! Though we have been a mainstay in the valve manufacturing industry for over seven decades, we always strive to provide more for our clients; with this redesigned website, you will experience DFT’s offerings in new, exciting ways.


What You’ll Find on the Website

Our new website has abundant information for you to discover. The DFT site is now more fluent and responsive, with an attractive color scheme that quickly leads visitors to several helpful links, which include:

  • Check Valves – Our unique line of spring assisted check valves specialize in preventing common issues like water hammer and  reverse We offer threaded, flanged and wafer style valves in various custom sizes to suit your application.
  • Control Valves – The HI-100 offers a straight-thru design that promotes non-obstructed flow within a piping system. Our control valves come in different trim styles and sizes; these valves work well with liquids, slurries, and abrasive materials and can withstand high pressure drops.
  • Applications – If you’re unsure of which valve is right for your project, you can use this page to search by application and industry. For example: if you work in the gas compression industry and need a compressor discharge check, a PDC© flanged check valve will help. Keep in mind that our valves are quite versatile, so there’s more than one ideal valve for different applications.
  • Literature – Get the most in-depth info on our products, company certifications, data sheets, application guides, and much more. These resources have been crafted by our expert team to teach you more about our company and  its diverse products.
  • Blog – The DFT Blog has a wealth of articles on trending and relevant topics; our posts include topics such as common problems in check valve selection, the importance of accurate check valve sizing, how to solve air compressor problems, and more.
  • RFQ – Our Request for Quote page allows you to send any and all inquiries directly to our customer service representatives. We pride ourselves with the level of support we offer clients, and we respond quickly.

Visit DFT Valves Today

If you’re interested in learning more about how DFT Inc. can exceed your MRO and  project expectations, please visit our new site at www.dft-valves.com.

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