Maintenance and Replacement Blog Series: Preventing Water Hammer with SCV® Check Valves

For more than 70 years, DFT® Inc. has focused on manufacturing dependable and high-quality check valves across all industries. We have a long history of solving valve problems and preventing failures, exemplified by our line of SCV® Check Valves.

Specially designed for tight shutoff, high cycling, and system protection from the effects of water hammer, these valves are relied on for a variety of liquid, gas, and steam applications.  Equipped with corrosion-resistant features, SCV Valves are an economical and consistently dependable option.

Designed for Optimal Water Hammer Resistance

Water hammer is a persistent and potentially highly damaging problem that is found in all types of piping systems. It occurs when moving fluids are forced to suddenly stop; once stopped, the fluid’s momentum creates a pressure wave that flows throughout the closed pipe system.

The resulting pressure spikes can cause significant damage to domestic and industrial piping systems. However, this damaging phenomenon can be prevented using specialty products, such as SCV® Check Valves. For more information, download our water hammer eBook.

Advantages and Features of SCV® Check Valves

With simple yet rugged construction, SCV® Check Valves offer a full array of features:

  • Protection from Water Hammer — This valve model was specifically designed to protect all types of applications from water hammer. It features a non-slam, spring-assisted design that provides a tight shutoff.
  • Simple Design — The rugged valve construction consists of a body, seat, spring, edge-guided disc, and body seal, which is engineered to handle at least a million cycles.
  • Best Quality Materials — Built to withstand the harshest industrial environments, SCV® Check Valves are constructed from the finest quality materials, including:
    • ASTM A240 316 for the disc
    • Inconel® X-7650 for the spring
    • ASTM A351 CF8M for the seat and body
    • Zelon® O-Ring for the seal, with optional seal-welded body joint that can handle temperatures up to 700°F
    • Soft Seat, NPT, or Socket Weld Ends are available
      • Options include 316SS springs, body seal weld, soft seat, Alloy 20 or Hastelloy C body & seat (ASME 300)
    • All Sizes Available — SCV® Check Valves are available in sizes ranging from 1/3” to 3”
    • Built to Handle Most Media — The valves handle 750 cold working pressure (CWP) and 3600 psi, providing tight shut off capabilities for gas, liquid, or steam

Choose SCV® Check Valves for Your Applications

Easy-maintenance check valves from DFT® are available for installation in both vertical and horizontal configurations. Customers in a wide range of industries, from mining and steam transmission to primary metals and power generation, rely on our check valves for many of their applications.

To learn more about the features of SCV® Check Valves, download our SCV® cut sheet.  Additional information is available on our Threaded In-Line Check Valves catalog page or by contacting the DFT® team directly.

Download SCV Cut Sheet

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