Maintenance and Replacement Blog Series: SCV-R® Check Valves for High Cracking Pressure

At DFT® Inc., our SCV-R® Check Valves exemplify our commitment to providing products that can withstand the toughest environments, including applications with high cracking pressure. These products are fully comparable to their counterpart, the DFT® Model SCV®, but with enhanced features that allow them to endure high cracking pressure conditions—including a spring-assisted, non-slam design that reduces or eliminates water hammer.

An Ideal Solution for High Cracking Pressure Applications

Many advanced applications require check valves for high cracking pressure. Cracking pressure is the point at which the valve opens and the media is introduced to the system. Using a spring-assisted design, DFT® Model SCV-R® Check Valves are ideal for such advanced applications. With versatile, corrosion-resistant features, they are also cost-effective, making them a preferred option in a number of uses.

SCV-R® Check Valves Also Solve Water Hammer

Water hammer is another common problem affecting applications that require check valves, often signified by a loud hammering sound coming from pipes. The condition arises when valves either shut too quickly or pumps suddenly shut down, causing the moving water to backflow when encountering the closed valve.

This causes loud noises and potential damage to pipes.  Fast-closing SCV-R® Check Valves help to eliminate this problem; for further details, download our eBook, “Understanding Water Hammer.”

A Wide Array of Advantages

The high-quality design and reliable materials of SCV-R® Check Valves provide a host of advantages, including:

  • High versatility allows valves to be used in both vertical and horizontal installations.
  • Easy maintenance helps to extend service life.
  • Stainless steel construction provides the utmost strength and corrosion resistance—even in the harshest environments.
  • Usability in many different applications, including hydraulic lines, boilers, pumps, and compressor discharge, makes the valves incredibly versatile.

SCV-R® Check Valves are also available with a full array of options, some of which include:

  • 316 stainless steel springs
  • A soft seat
  • Hastelloy® or Alloy 20 body and seat material
  • Repair and field conversion kits

Download the SCV-R® Cut Sheet for Details

To explore our full selection of durable, cost-effective SCV-R® Check Valves, download a free copy of the SCV-R® cut sheet. You will learn how these self-contained valves provide unparalleled reliability and service life for virtually any liquid, gas, or steam application.

Download SCV Cut Sheet

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