Valve Value: The Return on Investment (ROI) of Quality Check Valves

Fluid system management requires a complete approach; if any component is compromised from the pump to valve to pipe and back again, flow can suffer. In-line management, including products such as check valves, can be challenging — after all, they can be a major purchase. However, the lifespan, safety, and efficiency of your system require careful investment.

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Not all check valves function or cost the same. A check valve’s long-term return on investment (ROI) is a major factor and can be significantly more important than upfront cost of these components.

Assessing Real Cost and System Lifespan 

Putting a system’s needs in perspective requires factoring in the unfortunate possibility of worst case scenarios and highest demands. In evaluating your component needs, remember to factor in:

  • Maintenance
    The cost of maintenance can be high in time, money, and human resources, especially if parts need to be regularly maintained.
  • Down Time
    The worst case scenario for production managers — system failure — demands necessary valve repair or replacement. The resulting downtime comes at a high cost to an entire facility.
  • Media Demands
    Do you handle a highly acidic or caustic application? You may require a higher-grade alloy than standard 304 or 316 SS (stainless steel) for chemical resistance and system component lifespan extension.
  • Water Hammer Problems
    Sometimes a side note in engineering, water hammer can cause serious damage to piping, valves, and pumps, resulting in unwanted shutdowns. Custom sizing your valves and using DFT silent check valves can help manage water hammer issues.

The Real ROI: High Performance Check Valves for Optimal System Performance

At their most basic level, check valves are smart components designed to allow fluid to flow in one direction and prevent back flow in the other. They are self-automated, driven by pressure as opposed to an operator.

On the surface, it would appear that the more complex the check valve, the higher the price tag —but is that an accurate conclusion?

Bearing in mind the considerations above, our value experts take ROI seriously. In a study evaluating the performance of swing check valves versus the more high-tech axial flow silent check valves over a 20 year period, we found that the utility facility had a significant savings over time using axial flow silent check valves.

Comparing initial cost of components to lifespan, the system’s superior performance using axial flow silent check valves reduced annual maintenance costs. In fact, the valves worked so well that they led to an 85% reduction in overall operating costs at the facility!

Making a Case for High Quality Components

The utility facility our team tracked is far from the only example in the field. Real world applications abound, reinforcing the idea that high quality check valves can lead to superior performance. Our value team has found that better-made, sophisticated components offer reduced maintenance expenses, long lifespans, and reliable valve and fluid system performance in countless cases, including:

  • A United States chemical facility struggling with a water hammer. They replaced worn out, double door check valves with three 10”, 150/300# ALC check valves and completely eliminated the problem — their system has been running smoothly since 2012.
  • A food processing facility that has relied on the DFT SCV Check Valve since the 1950’s for sanitizing management. It met safety needs and industry criteria as a leading technology then and now.
  • A petrochemical plant with high cycling and system failures. They replaced failing swing check valves with the DFT model GLC Check Valves, custom-sized for the application. DFT valves minimized the chattering and excessive cycling previously disrupting the system.

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Investing with Smart Components at DFT

Do you want to prevent check valve failures but have concerns about cost? Our check valve experts and value team are here to help you with sound engineering and upfront investment evaluations. Reach out to contact an expert today, and we’ll guide you through the best valve solutions to fit both your application and your budget.  

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