The One-of-a-Kind HI-100™ Severe Service Control Valve

DFT has been producing high quality check valves and control valves for a range of applications for decades. In that time, we’ve become known for quality and that is most apparent in our HI-100™ Control Valve.

In-Line Straight Thru Design

The HI-100™ severe service control valve features an in-line straight-thru venturi flow design, as opposed to the “tortuous path” design of many other severe service control valves. The “tortuous path” design controls the velocity of the fluid by using a series of small flow passages which make 90° turns.

There are disadvantages to this technique, however, one of which is that it requires a significantly larger cage wall diameter to house the flow passages. This can make these valves more costly to install and maintain. Straight thru venturi flow design means a more efficient valve that requires less frequent and lower cost maintenance.

Flexible Design for All Applications

What else makes the HI-100™ unique? The seating element within the valve, a spherical ball, is contained by a cage which positions it relative to the downstream seat by means of linear travel, so there are no close clearances between the cage, ball, and seat. This allows the valve to operate both smoothly and efficiently regardless of temperature, and/or in fluids that carry suspended particles, such as light slurries.

The valve’s Quick Change Trim feature offers further benefits, trim is replaced in-line without use of special items. Furthermore, the interchangeability of the upstream and downstream seats and wear bushings mean an extended valve life, and therefore lower costs and less downtime.

Other features and benefits include: low operating thrust; manual, pneumatic, electric, and hydraulic actuation; weld end, flanged or custom end prep; temperatures from -425°F to 1900°F, and more.

Have questions or want more information on the HI-100™ severe service control valve? Contact DFT today or download our full Control Valve catalog to see what options we offer.

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