Keeping Up With The Food & Beverage Industry

The food and beverage industry in the United States is undergoing significant changes when it comes to trends, regulations, and tastes. Consumers are looking for healthier options, more attractive packaging, and more local ingredients. The industry has risen to the challenge and is rapidly evolving to meet these new consumer desires. Food processing has shed its reputation for unhealthy and unattractive food as new technologies allow companies to mass produce up-to-the-minute products such as guacamole and hummus without adding tons of preservatives. Regulations to lower sodium and trans fat counts as well as national movements to incorporate more healthy foods into school lunches has also presented a challenge to the food and beverage industry, but it was a challenge that was met with innovation and success. The industry is booming and food processing companies have come up with new and fresh ways to stay competitive and give consumers exactly what they are looking for.

A strong processing facility starts with fresh ideas and great food, but it also needs the right parts to ensure that there are never recalls or subpar products put on the shelves of grocery stores. This is where DSV® Sanitary Check Valves can help. They’re designed to prevent flow reversal in industries with strict cleanliness codes. New technology and R&D have helped the food and beverage industries succeed, but proper sanitation and equipment will always be an important foundation for a successful company.

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