Keep City Hydrants in Check

Although its official start was June 20, the dog days of summer are already in full force for many parts of the country. Heat waves, a string of days with temperatures of 90° or more, have hit several areas, sending some folks searching for shade, while others seek out beaches, swimming pools, or anywhere some cool water can provide relief from the heat. Many kids in Toledo, Ohio, have scurried off to splash around in the newly reopened swimming pools, while others have found comfort sitting at a picnic bench shaded by a large tree (view article). Some groups of youngsters, however, have turned to opening the city’s fire hydrants, a potentially dangerous practice that is illegal in many places. Opening hydrants can not only cause a severe drop in water pressure that inhibits firefighting, it can also produce water hammer, a pressure buildup with the potential to fracture water mains.

If a hydrant is closed too quickly, the reverse flow pressure wave can cause major problems, from noise and vibration all the way to pipe collapse. A proper check valve installed in the hydrant would better control the erratic reverse flow to reduce or prevent the water hammer from occurring. DFT, the “Check Valve Doctor™” specializes in preventing check valve problems and failures. Our in-line, spring-assisted, check valves prevent water hammer and reverse flow, and custom sizing allows us to build check valves to meet any application requirements.

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