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Water Hammer Webinar Recap

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DFT® Inc.’s Vice President and General Manager Arie Bregman recently gave an in-depth, solutions-oriented presentation on water hammer — a common issue that can lead to devastating effects. Arie is an expert in the valve sector, with over 35 years in the valve industry, with companies such as Nibco, Jamesbury and Metso. Arie holds a Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and is active in the Valve Manufacturers Association in the US, serving on the Education and Training and the Technical Committee and is also a member of the VMA Board of Directors.

fixing water hammer

Below, we’ve provided a brief recap of his comprehensive water hammer webinar, which covered the following topics:

Identifying Water Hammer
The first step to treating water hammer is, of course, properly identifying it. Loud sounds — a series of banging, clanging, or rattling noises — often alert operators to the first signs of an issue. Chances are you’ve probably heard the sound of water hammer in your pipes at home or at your plant without even realizing it.

Defining Water Hammer
The webinar also delved into the precise definition of this phenomenon: Water hammer is a hydraulic shock that occurs in a liquid piping system, often to devastating effect. Water hammer can cause gasketed joint and expansion joint failure, pipe wall crack and joint leaks, deformation of piping support systems, and many other issues, all of which can lead to high costs and increased downtime.

Preventing Water Hammer
Next, Arie discussed many people’s main concern — how to prevent water hammer and avoid the numerous problems it can cause.

Because water hammer is often only briefly touched upon in engineering schools, it’s critical to have an expert like DFT® available to answer questions and provide advice for your specific application. Working with an experienced, knowledgeable partner will make all the difference when dealing with water hammer, helping you to avoid unnecessary expenditures, downtime, and general stress.

At DFT®, we’ve been producing top-quality in-line check valves for over 70 years, helping businesses across all types of industries avoid water hammer. Our expert team has deep expertise in identifying, solving, and, most importantly, preventing check valve failures.

Learn More
If you missed Arie’s water hammer webinar, or want to refresh your memory on some key tips to keep in mind when preventing and treating this issue, check out the full webinar video today. Or, to learn more about DFT®’s valve manufacturing capabilities, reach out to our team directly.

Highlights From the 2017 Global Petroleum Show

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DFT® Inc. recently had the opportunity to attend the 49th annual Global Petroleum Show. Held at Stampede Park in Calgary, Alberta, from June 13-15, this exciting event provided a forum for energy and petroleum companies from all over the world to showcase their products and services.

Every year, the conference displays and demonstrates new technologies, provides opportunities for attendees to network with fellow industry professionals across the entire supply chain, and conducts various educational seminars and conferences.

This year, more than 50,000 energy professionals from 90 countries attended, with over 1,000 exhibitors set up to showcase new innovations.

Tradeshow Highlights

2017 Global Petroleum Show DFT Booth

As part of the show’s comprehensive Energy Dialogues series, DFT® had the chance to hear from numerous industry thought leaders who addressed some of the sector’s toughest challenges.

During the Low Carbon Innovation Forum, speakers discussed innovative ways petroleum companies can stay ahead of the curve while navigating new challenges. With a focus on revitalizing old industries to meet the new demands and expectations of today’s low-carbon economy, this forum offered ideas for meaningful development and growth in this shifting landscape.

The team also particularly enjoyed the Energy Leaders Forum, in which industry leaders explored ways to inform and support government policy and regulations pertaining to the oil industry. Highlighting the importance of balancing traditional and renewable energy forms, this event provided valuable insight into the best ways to prepare for a future centered on renewable resources.

Finally, at the NextShale Forum, our team had the chance to learn more about the future of shale gas; speakers discussed the sector’s various challenges and advancements while guiding companies on how to remain competitive on a global scale. With the shale industry on the precipice of resurgence, it’s critical for industry players to understand the best ways to navigate the demand for lower prices while meeting specific countries’ environmental regulations and fulfilling international commitments.

DFT®’s Petroleum Technology Showcase

Aside from attending these events and many others, our team also got the chance to showcase some of our leading oil and gas valves solutions, including:

These solutions are ideal for a wide range of oil and gas applications, including:

  • Crude and refined product lines
  • Condensate lines and cooling towers
  • Discharge of compressors

The team at DFT® had a great time at this year’s Global Petroleum Show, and we’re hoping to attend next year’s event as well.

To learn more about our valve solutions for the energy and petroleum industry, check out our dedicated Petroleum Production and Refining industry page and DFT’s Case Study page highlighting success stories from the field.