Valves 101 Comes to Denver

This week in Denver, CO, Arie Bregman from DFT Inc. will again be presenting at the VMA’s Valves & Actuators 101 Seminar. Aimed at opening up the world of valves and actuators, and their applications, to young engineers and students, the sessions consist of experts in the field sharing their vast experience and knowledge, preparing the next generation of innovators in our field to continue the work we’ve done. One of the best aspects of the Valves 101 Seminars is the recruitment aspect: by creating an open and welcoming atmosphere of knowledge expansion, the valves industry can attract brilliant minds who may not have even considered the industry before.

The most important aspect of the seminar is keeping it basic, as you might have guessed from the name. Those of us with 10, 20 or 30 years experience consider terminology, valve types, and applications to be second nature. We quickly (or for some of us, over many, many years) forget how confusing and intimidating these aspects can be to newcomers. Keeping everyone on the same, introductory page ensures that no one is turned away from the industry due to lack of knowledge. Features like round table discussions in small groups, discussions with new employee representatives, and the valve “petting zoo” with hands-on access, keep the focus on the attendees, not the presenters – ensuring that their needs and expectations are met. This seminar is just one way in which DFT Inc. hopes to build on the future of our company and our industry.

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