Saving Salmon with a Simple Water Valve

At DFT, we know that high quality water valves can do many different things. However, one story out of Auburn, California caught our eye. It seems that a man by the name of Robert Hane has found a way to use a water valve to help bring more water to the local salmon and steelhead population and improve their flow. Hane is a Christmas tree farmer who has been using a special two-valve system to accomplish his task. The two water valves allow Hane to take his water outflow and put it back into the local ravine for up to 12 hours per day. His innovation adds an extra 12,000 gallons of water flow, which helps the local salmon and steelhead population. However, Hane did not stop there. He has been sharing his idea with his agricultural neighbors in Auburn, which he hopes will increase the water flow even more.

The actual two-valve system is relatively simple and inexpensive. You get two valves, one “T” connection and piping to rechannel water to a nearby creek. Hane puts the overall cost of the change over at around $150.

If you want to learn more about Robert Hane’s twin-valve campaign, you can contact Save Auburn Ravine Salmon and Steelhead (SARSAS). If you have any questions about check and control valves, please contact an expert at DFT today.

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