Moving Clean Energy Along

In the pursuit of cleaner energy, natural gas is one of the most practical and viable solutions currently available. According to the federal Energy Information Administration, from now until 2035, natural gas will account for 80% of new electricity generation capacity. As you probably know, natural gas can’t just be extracted from any location. Geologists explore possible deposit areas, and once those are found, the extraction process can begin. Between extraction and electricity generation lies a key logistical step: transportation.

PDC Flanged Check ValveFrom the extraction site to the power generation plant, natural gas may make a journey of hundreds or thousands of miles – across states and even continents. In order to speed this long trip, the gas must be compressed and pressurized – but due to friction against the walls of the pipeline, this process must continually re-occur at regular intervals, usually between 40 and 100 miles. These compressor stations, as they’re called, require efficient valve systems to ensure full pressurization, no backflow, and the continued integrity of the pipeline. DFT Valves’ PDC® (pulse dampening check) valves ensure that natural gas maintains pressurization as it exits the piston chamber of the reciprocating compressor, keeping this energy source flowing fast and clean.

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