Introducing the LSV-100®, LSV-200™, and MSV-100™ Control Valves

Need a high quality and top performing control valve that won’t break the bank? Our new product lines can be used in a variety of applications and industries. Whatever your control needs may be, we have the right valve for your application.

Introducing the LSV-100®, LSV-200™, and MSV-100™ control valves…

For general industrial applications, take a look at our high quality LSV-100® and LSV-200™ valves:

The LSV-100 is a top-guided, unbalanced, single seated contoured plug valve. Offered inup to 6-inch line size, this style valve features a contoured plug with your choice of a fast opening or a linear or an equal percentage characteristic. It is economical for lower pressure applications, and is available in Class 150 or Class 300 with Class IV shutoff.

LSV 200 valve in blue color on black surfaceThe LSV-200 control valve features balanced or unbalanced cage style trim for moderate pressure drops. Balanced trim is used in sizes 2 inches and over to reduce the size of the actuator. Low flow trim is offered in the 1-inch valve. The LSV-200 is available in Class 150 or Class 300 as well as Class 125 or Class 250 for cast iron applications. These valves come with linear or equal percentage trim with Class IV shutoff standard and Class VI available.

If you need a rugged valve for higher pressure applications such as those found in the paper industry, chemical plants, refineries, and other heavy industrial applications, we now offer the MSV-100™ control valve:

The MSV-100 valve features our unique Venturi ball design that can handle pressure drops, solids, and thermal shock while also providing superior control, long life, and low maintenance. It is available up to an 8 inch line size in Class 600, Class 900, and Class 1500. This valve comes with Class V shutoff and a linear characteristic.

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