Features of the DFT® HI-100® Severe Service Valve

Severe service valves are used in applications involving periodic or extended exposure to extreme temperatures, high pressures, and/or abrasive, corrosive, or erosive compounds. Due to the harsh operating conditions to which they subjected, these valves often feature specialized construction materials and body designs to ensure they maintain their integrity during use.

At DFT®, we’ve manufactured world-class valves for over 75 years. The following article and video provides an overview of the HI-100® severe service control valve, its key features, benefits, and industrial uses.

Features of the HI-100® Control Valve

HI-100® control valves are available in 1-inch to 12-inch sizes with butt weld, socket weld, and flanged configurations. All variations feature an in-line, straight-through venturi design based on Bernoulli’s principle. This unique design allows them to resist cavitation and flashing and accommodate greater fluid flow than similarly sized globe control valves. As these valves are position seated, they rely on the pressure in the flow stream to generate the force necessary to achieve Class 5 shut-off with metal to metal seating. An additional benefit of position seating is that it results allows for the use of smaller actuators.

Benefits of the HI-100® Control Valve

HI-100® control valve durability and longevity help industry professionals reduce valve maintenance costs in their facility. Additionally, their design facilitates quick and economical in-line change trim replacement, which further lowers the cost of ownership when compared to competitors’ products.

For fluid handling applications involving erosive compounds, our Ultra-Trol® valves are the ideal solution. These valves feature hardened metal sleeves at the inlet and outlet that prevent erosive materials from damaging the valve body. For fluid handling applications involving moderate pressure drops without service interruption, our MSV-100® valves are more appropriate.

Control Valves for Severe Service Applications

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Industry Uses of the HI-100® Control Valve

At DFT®, we’ve manufactured world-class severe service control valves for over 75 years. Throughout our years in business, these valves have found application in a wide range of industries, including the following:

The HI-100® Control Valve From DFT®

For customers that need severe service control valves, DFT® is here to assist you.

At DFT®, we offer a broad selection of check and control valves, including severe service control valves. Whether a customer requires a valve for a critical or non-critical application, we can meet their requirements. For more information about our product offerings, check out our catalog or contact us today. To receive pricing details, request a quote.

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