DFT Valves Goes Global

DFT Valves recently embarked on a journey to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for the Trade Mission to Saudi Arabia, sponsored by the Pennsylvania Center for Trade Development (CTD). This was our third year taking part in the monumental event, and it took place from May 12-17.

As the largest economy in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia accounts for 25% of the area’s GDP. Attending the mission not only meant a great opportunity for our company, but for the state of Pennsylvania, as it brought an awareness of the state’s business and importing/exporting. It was an invaluable opportunity.

We were one of only 12 elite manufacturers from our state to attend the conference, and the only valve manufacturer. DFT representatives met with potential distributors and end users, and engineering firms that have offices in both Saudi Arabia and the U.S. We sat down with promising business prospects and had the opportunity to showcase our products, and it proved to be highly fruitful. As all potential partners were prequalified, everyone we met with had great potential for our growth and development. The industry leaders from Saudi Arabia included senior government officials, quasi-governmental corporation chiefs, regulatory agency administrators, and executives from major merchant families.

Going global is crucial to the development of our company and our state, and this third mission proved our standing as a leader in the industry and an innovator in the world of business. To learn more about the CTD, visit www.newpa.com.

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