New Technology at DFT

DFT® Inc. is proud to announce the implementation of new advanced robotics technology to streamline the manufacturing process at our Exton, PA headquarters.

This high technology robot provides the efficient production of lapped discs, which is an important manufacturing process at DFT, allowing for the tight metal-seated shutoff of our axial flow, spring-assisted check valves.

At DFT® we are constantly looking for process improvements to deliver cost-effective quality valves to our customers. Robotics provides the ability to perform repetitive tasks while providing superior quality, safety, and efficiency.

The productivity of this robot is 2.5X greater than our previous operator controlled mechanical lapping machine. In addition to increased productivity, ergonomic stress and employee safety is greatly improved because the robot does all the work and an operator only needs to occasionally load and unload pallets and replace lapping consumables.

Safety is a huge advantage with this new robotic process because the robot works in its own isolated work cell. This cell consists of physical barriers to keep personnel out as well as light curtains and a door sensor to instantly disable the robot should anyone attempt to enter the work cell during operation.

The success in lapping productivity has eliminated a bottleneck within production. DFT® has plans to improve other processes in the future with this safe and highly efficient technology without displacing any of our highly valued employees. For more information on DFT® products visit us online at

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