Desalinization: The Fresh Water Revolution

As worldwide economies continue to grow and globalization increases, the same issues as always arise. Growing, wealthier populations need more food, more shelter, and definitely more fresh water. Many such places, like those in the Middle East or Africa, have little access to fresh water, instead relying on ever-depleting sources like ground water.

Throughout the desalinization, water is always traveling through pipelines: from the sea to the facility, throughout the facility, and finally to reservoirs, businesses, or households. DFT Inc. is proud to have partnered on desalinization projects, outfitting these pipelines with our one-of-a-kind spring-assist check valves. By preventing water hammer and keeping the entire process running smoothly and safely, DFT ensures that the promise of this new technology and these desalinization plants is fulfilled. A system is only as good as the infrastructure underlying it, and DFT’s innovation in solving an age-old pipeline issue matches that of the engineers who have made this hydration breakthrough possible.

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