Boiler Maintenance Season is Here!

That was one long winter. Many parts of the U.S. had snowfall into the last few weeks of April, and the below average temperatures are still lingering in some regions. As we slowly transition into spring and summer, many overused boilers, especially on university campuses and in commercial buildings, are ready for annual inspection and maintenance.

For seasonal boiler maintenance and in preparation for the next winter season, there are a number of different factors you need to take into consideration.

Be Proactive

This is the time of year to be proactive with your boiler’s health. There is nothing worse than having a boiler go out in the middle of January. Any costs you incur to bring your boiler up to spec now, are miniscule compared to trying to fix or replace it during the peak-heating season.

Annual Maintenance Musts

There are quite a few steps to annual boiler maintenance, some of the more critical include: performing a combustion test, cleaning your steam system, inspecting burners and the air side of the boilers, and of course running full tests of all your check valves examining them for low flow damage, broken hinge pins and springs.

It is this last step that we are most concerned with at DFT. When you’ve been making in-line check valves for over six decades you learn a thing or two about keeping boilers running at peak performance. We cannot stress enough the importance of fully functioning check valves to the health of your boiler. So it is not a surprise that this is the time of year when we get a great deal of requests for our SCV® Threaded In-Line Check Valves, our versatile DFT® Basic-Check valves and our flanged, silent check valves. DFT check valves come in a wide variety of sizes and you could not ask for a better quality replacement valve.

So, don’t skimp on the warm weather boiler maintenance, and if you do need to replace your check valve, trust the experts at DFT, it is one less thing you’ll need to worry about when those first snowflakes begin to fall!

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