Axial Flow Check Valves: The Best Choice for Pumps & Compressors

Pumps and compressors are used in a wide range of industries such as pharmaceutical, food & beverage, petrochemical, natural gas, power generation, chemical industries, and building maintenance. Pumps and compressors transport fluids and compressible gases, respectively, from one location to another.

Axial flow check valves are an important protection for pumps and compressors as they induce flow in one direction and prevent backflow in the opposite direction. Backward flow can result in extensive damage to equipment, and axial flow check valves are crucial to protecting your investment.

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Common Problems & Solutions of Pump and Compressor Check Valves

There are some frequent problems pump and compressor valves face: double door, swing check, and tilting disc check valves often fail, water hammer and pressure pulsation can cause damage to valves and other system parts, and the limited spatial requirements faced by pumps can often lead to less room for traditional check valves. These problems can be solved by installing DFT® axial flow check valves to protect your pumps and compressors.

Double Door Check Valve Failure

Double door check valves are commonly used in air compressors. However, these valves can fail due to poor design, particularly during varying flow conditions. As a solution, DFT® axial flow check valves can be used in place of double door check valves. The design of the axial flow check valve allows pulse-dampening chambers to keep the discs of the valve open during flow reductions.

Pressure Pulsations

Pressure pulsations are caused by the intermittent reduction in pressure due to the reciprocating motion of a reciprocating compressor. The pressure fluctuation causes pulsation shock waves in the system, which increases wear on system components. However, axial check valves consist of no swinging parts and therefore reduce wear on system components, contributing to a longer lifetime in comparison to other valve types. The DFT® model PDC® axial flow check valve was designed for the discharge side of a reciprocating compressor in air and gas applications.

Water Hammer

Water hammer is the phenomenon that occurs when a liquid comes to a sudden stop and generates shock waves inside the pipe. The resulting high pressure can cause significant damage to pipe lines, gaskets, gauges, pipe hangars, and other components. Swing check valves, tilting disc check valves, and double door check valves contribute significantly to water hammer. Replacing these valves with an axial flow, spring-assisted, silent check valve, such as DFT® ALC® axial flow check valve, can reduce the effects of water hammer.

Spatial Requirements

A common problem faced when using a pump, is limited space for valves and pipes. Pumps are extremely loud when in operation and therefore are usually put in special rooms. This leaves less room for valves and piping. Axial flow valves can handle turbulence better than conventional check valves. This makes them an excellent option when space is limited. Additionally, axial flow check valves can be installed on both vertical and horizontal pipes.

Advantages of Using Axial Flow Check Valves

Blue PDC DFT Check valve with a metal valve on top

Axial flow check valves offer several advantages over other types of check valves, such as:

  • Rapid closing action (prevents water hammering)
  • The ability to be properly sized for each application
  • Durability
  • Increased valve longevity
  • The ability to accommodate low-pressure drops and high flow
  • Non-slamming opening and closing action
  • Tight shut-off leading to zero leakage
  • Various end-to-end options
  • The ability to be installed in both horizontal and vertical orientation

Axial flow check valves offer many advantages over other types of check valves. DFT® axial flow check valves can save down time and money by preventing damage and increasing the lifetime of your pumps, valves, pipes, and other system parts. Check out our online technical catalog for more specific information about our axial flow check valves. To discuss your needs with a valve expert at DFT® contact us, or request a quote today!

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