Pulp & Paper Success Story II

Facility: Pulp Mill North Eastern USA

Application Problem: Dryer System Excessive Cycling

Solution: DFT® Model WLC® Check Valve

Success Since: 2008

Challenge: Located in the North East portion of USA, this Pulp and Paper Mill was looking to solve a problem they were experiencing with their Air Dryer System and excessive cycling.

Wood logs backgroundAir Dryers are an important part of any paper company’s end result. The process of most paper stock starts out as slurry, gets formed wet, and then needs moisture to be removed to achieve the end result. Most Dryers have a small footprint so Wafer Style Check valves are used to reduce pipe. In this case, this OEM used the Double Door style of valve, which had failed.

Cycling is frequent in keeping the operation of the dryer compliant with the process. Double Door Valves have a tendency to wear at the center point or center hinge pin and with cycling these valves fail to hold back the moisture intended to be expelled from the paper machine.

With the decrease of paper use and a focus on being competitive, it is imperative to find ways to ensure that a company operate without downtime while streamlining operational costs.

Solution: The DFT® model WLC® was a direct replacement. The dual guided wafer WLC check valve in both 4” and 6” size that meets 265°F, 110 psi, and as high as 6000SCFM was installed. These have been in service since 2008 without failure or compromise of the drying system.

DFT® Model WLC® Check Valve Features:

  • 1” to 10” line size
  •  ASME class 150 to 2500
  •  RF & RTJ wafer ends
  •  Face-to-face dimensions:DFT WLC Check valve
  •  MSS SP-126 (class 150 and 300)
  •  API 594 (class 600 and above)
  •  Standard Body Materials:
  •  A216 WCB carbon steel
  •  A351 CF8M stainless steel
  •  Stainless steel trim
  •  Center-guided/dual-guided stem
  •  Spring assisted silent closing, non-slam
  •  MSS SP61 • Tight shutoff – lapped disc & seat
  •  Horizontal or vertical installation
  •  Protected spring-Wafer design
  •  Axial Flow • Nozzle style
  •  Easy Maintenance
  •  Versatile
  •  Custom sizing for low flow applications
  •  Stellite® trim

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