Petroleum Production & Refining

Crude Oil is a versatile raw material used in a diverse variety of production processes. Used as the foundation of industrial solvents, pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, and other chemical products, petroleum products are highly sought after by consumers all over the world.

One of the most popular uses of petroleum is in the manufacture of fuels, diesel oils and gasoline. Petroleum distillation can produce several grades of oils—each with distinctive qualities and ideal applications. These oils are used for home heating and in stoves and ovens, as well as lubricants in vehicles such as automobiles, trucks, trains and aircraft.

Producing and refining petroleum are highly involved processes that must adhere to exacting industrial standards. To meet and exceed these standards, professionals utilize different types of check and control valves to control their processes.Three pumps over orange sky

Applications in the Petroleum Production & Refining Industry

Within the petroleum industry, valve products are common in various applications: discharge of compressors, pumps, generators, and boilers; water treatment; condensate lines; cooling towers; crude and refined product lines; evaporators; vacuum lines and breakers; and steam lines.

The valves supplied by DFT, Inc. are specially designed to provide safety and efficiency to any of these modern applications.

DFT Products for Petroleum Production & Refining Applications

Depending on its eventual usage, petroleum must be a certain quality. To help industrial professionals meet the strictest quality control standards, DFT offers a wide assortment of products, such as the DFT® HI-100® Control Valve.

The HI-100® is a venture style, linear control valve designed to operate efficiently and provide precise control in severe conditions. This control valve is durable enough to withstand high and low temperatures and varying types of fluids, including liquids, gases, steam and slurries.

Additional DFT Check Valves that are recommended for applications in the petroleum industry include:Group oil rigs and brightly lit industrial site at night. Toned.

To learn more about the specifications of these valves, click any of above links to view our online catalog. Don’t hesitate to contact DFT with any questions regarding valve products for petroleum production and refining applications.

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