Chemical Processing

In the chemical processing industry, organic and inorganic raw materials are converted into plastics, synthetic materials and fibers, and other semi-finished products that are then utilized by various companies to create their end products. Many of the processes that create these products involve harsh conditions, such as extreme temperatures and pressures or highly corrosive environments. Due to this fact, a check valve which can be used in chemical processing often succumbs to excessive wear or corrosion if they are not of the highest quality both in design and material of construction.

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Applications in the Chemical Processing Industry

chemicals plant in a dusk sky , industrial landscapeCheck valves are used to support many applications within the chemical processing industry. Nitrogen purge is a common application, where nitrogen is introduced into chemical sampling systems to thoroughly clean all contacts surfaces. With the use of tight shut off Silent or In Line Check Valves, the amount of nitrogen introduced can be closely controlled and process leakage back into the nitrogen system can be eliminated . Another notable application of check valves is in cooling towers, where proper water circulation can reduce heat caused by industrial machines or chemical processes. In these applications pumps turn on and shut off every few minutes. Water hammer can be eliminated with the use of properly sized In Line Check Valves.

There are several other chemical processing applications that benefit from the use of check valves: mine dewatering, pump and compressor discharge, condensate return, and steam lines, water treatment, metering pumps, cryogenic applications, evaporators, and vacuum lines and vacuum breakers for storage tanks.

DFT Check Valves for Chemical Processing Applications

To meet the exacting demands of different chemical processes, DFT provides an array of high-quality, exceptionally resilient check valves. Our product line includes:BSS Basic Check

DFT’s check valves are specially designed to prevent fluid systems issues such as reverse flow and water hammer, while providing the strength needed to withstand harsh environments. Our check valves comply with several industry standards and can be customized to meet the needs and highest standards of any chemical processing application.

Please contact a DFT representative if you have any questions regarding our check valves of their use in chemical processing applications. You can also obtain a free copy of the DFT Check Valve Catalog by clicking below.

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