The textiles industry is a globalized trade that encompasses several aspects of cloth goods: design and production of natural and synthetic fabrics; spinning and dyeing of cotton, yarn, and other fibers; importing and exporting products; and much more. Textile products are highly versatile and are commonly used for personal apparel and home furnishings.

The majority of the industry focuses on manufacturing, which can be accomplished through sewing and weaving different materials together. Depending on the specific end use, several products are crafted with specialized machines (which use freestyle, pattern, or other techniques).

Due to consumer demands, these machines have advanced greatly in recent years. Like other modern industrial machines, textile machines often rely on boiler and compressor systems as well as chemical and condensate lines.

Applications in the Textiles IndustryBackground of the reels with colorful threads

Within the textiles industry, various check and control valves are utilized in wide-ranging applications. Valve products help regulate heat from steam boilers, which is used in the dyeing and drying of cloth goods; valves are also used to provide relief to air compressors that are in constant operation.

Additionally, check and control valves can adjust liquid flow rates—in conjunction with metering pumps—to deliver precise volumes of water, chemicals, and other liquid solutions. Other applications include discharge of pumps, boilers, and compressors.

To obtain the most efficient, high-quality results, many textile professionals choose valve products supplied by DFT Inc.

DFT Check Valves for Textiles Applications

For harsh applications (such as in chemical dye lines), we recommend the SCV-R® THREADED In-Line Check Valve. The SCV® is a spring-assisted valve with a stainless steel construction, which is resistant to corrosion and high temperature/pressure combinations. This in-line valve provides tight shut-off and can be used with any fluid type—gas, liquid, or steam.

Additional DFT Check Valves recommended for application in the textiles industry include:

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