Pulp & Paper

In the United States, the pulp & paper industry ranks among the country’s largest industrial sectors. U.S. pulp & paper companies account for nearly 35% of the world’s total output of paper products. Collectively, these companies produce over 60 million tons of paper products per year.

To manufacture such substantial amounts of product, industry professionals utilize an equally substantial amount of water; in fact, each metric ton of finished product requires an average of 54 cubic meters of water. In addition to water, pulp & paper companies utilize pulp (raw wood fiber) and chemicals, as well as slurries. Modern paper manufacturing depends on valves and pumps of various types and sizes.Wood logs background

Applications in the Pulp & Paper Industry

In this industry, water is utilized in nearly every manufacturing process. As such, pulp & paper facilities generate large volumes of wastewater and sludge—which presents several issues pertaining to water treatment, discharge, and waste disposal. A check valve help to mitigate these issues by preventing reverse flow and isolating fluid flow in systems employing several different fluids.

Other check valve applications include boiler feed & discharge, generator inlet & discharge, metering pumps, and paper machine steam lines.

DFT Check Valves for Pulp & Paper Applications

Pulp & paper applications often involve harsh chemical substances; to meet the needs of these demanding applications, DFT offers several products—including the SCV® THREADED In-Line Check Valve. The SCV® valve has a stainless steel construction, which provides resistance against high temperatures and corrosion. This valve is versatile enough for use with gas, liquid, or steam fluids while protecting system components from water hammer.

Additional DFT Check Valves recommended for applications in the pulp & paper industry include:

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