Primary Metals

The primary metals industry focuses on manufacturing products from metal ore and scrap metal. In primary metal plants, raw materials are refined and cast into various desired shapes using both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The resulting products of this process become the raw materials and raw products or stock pieces for other facilities, including iron and steel mills and aluminum processing plants.

The demand of primary metals comes from the manufacturing of of automobiles, machine equipment, construction materials, and other products. Processes such as metal smelting and refining can release large amounts of pollutants into the surrounding area. In addition to potentially contaminating metal products, pollutants are detrimental to people and to the environment.

Within these industries, professionals utilize a variety of specialized check valve products.

Applications in the Primary Metals IndustryHot metal

Within the primary metals industry, check valves are used in many applications. All primary metals facilities depend on unobstructed chemical, hydraulic, and water lines to meet their processing needs. Check valves are used in compressor and pump discharge, which provides associated machinery with high-quality, efficient performance.

Treated water is a critical element in metal manufacturing, and check valves are used to regulate flow and prevent back flow alleviating issues pertaining to bacteria control and chemical handling. Other industry applications of check valves include extrusion equipment, inlet and outlet water presses, and evaporators.

GLC-Cast Iron FrontDFT Check Valves for Primary Metals Applications

For demanding applications that undergo a wide range of temperatures and pressures, DFT offers the BASIC-CHECK® THREADED Check Valve.

The BASIC-CHECK® THREADED Check Valve is a highly versatile valve, capable of providing tight shut-off of gases or liquids to suit any pipeline application. This valve can also be easily incorporated into machinery for OEM applications.

Additional DFT Check Valves recommended for applications in the primary metals industry include:

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