Power Generation

Power generation is a multibillion-dollar industry that affects all people worldwide. This is an essential service industry that provides electricity to homes, offices, public transportation, computer technology, manufacturing processes and much more.

Producing and delivering electricity is intricate and challenging. All power producers rely on interconnected systems to transmit and distribute power to consumers. These systems often experience tremendous strain, which affects the efficiency of the entire distribution process. Maintaining system integrity is extremely vital to power generation professionals (as well as their consumers).

petrochemical plant in night time with reflection over the river

Applications in the Power Generation Industry

Modern power generation applications are dependent on various types of valve products. Common valve applications include discharging of boilers, pumps, and compressors; a check valve can prevent reverse flow in various machines while alleviating system surge. Other applications are in steam and water lines. These lines often see high pressures and temperatures, and silent check valves and severe service control valves regulate system conditions with ease.

Additional applications include those in cooling towers, evaporators, fly ash systems, and vacuum systems.

Restrictor CheckDFT Check Valves for Power Generation Applications

To meet the demands of power generation applications, DFT, Inc. offers a wide assortment of check valves, such as the SCV® THREADED and SCV-R® RESTRICTOR in-line models.

The SCV® model is a corrosion-resistant valve that provides tight shut-off and protection from water hammer. Its counterpart, the SCV-R®, is a self-contained valve that can endure higher cracking pressures and can be installed directly into a pipeline.

Additional DFT Check Valves that are recommended for applications in the petroleum industry include:

Our check valves are specially designed to suit any power generation application. Click any of the products above to view their entry in our online catalog.

Don’t hesitate to contact DFT, Inc. with any questions about valve products that serve the power generation industry.

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