In the United States, a portion of taxpayers’ money is used to fund various municipal services, including the construction of buildings, maintenance of public roadways, and supplying water for human consumption and industrial processes. The full range of these services varies depending on the region, but overall, the municipal industry exists to support daily living.Ohio State University looking southeast from the stadium toward the medical complexes

Many citizens are not aware of the magnitude of many municipal services. For example: proper building construction and maintenance relies on several types of specialized equipment and interconnected components—one issue can easily lead to critical problems. In regards to sanitation services, water treatment is used to eliminate any trace of hazardous materials; the smallest amount of chemical substances can be detrimental to various processes and potentially fatal to humans.

To avoid problems such as these, professionals depend on various check valve products.

Applications in the Municipal Industry

In this industry, check valves are utilized in various applications. Several municipal facilities require hydraulic or water lines that are unobstructed and free of any impurities; check valves assure the most efficient performance of these lines.

Additionally, check valves are critical to the success of many manufacturing processes. Most of these processes produce large amounts of wastewater, which can be harmful to both people and the environment; check valves alleviate these problems by helping regulate proper fluid flow.

FBCDFT Check Valves for Municipal Applications

The WLC® CAST IRON WAFER Check Valve is highly reliable and versatile in diverse municipal applications. This valve can adapt to a wide range of pressure and temperature combinations, and thanks to its unique construction, the WLC® valve can prevent any leakage during operation.

Additional DFT Inc. Check Valves recommended for municipal applications include:

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