Building Maintenance

Professionals in the building maintenance industry are heavily relied upon to efficiently manage the needs of a facility; these needs can include general upkeep and preventative repairs, but occasionally, critical issues can occur. In an industrial facility, so much of the componentry is interconnected, and one problem can quickly lead to another—this is particularly true in regards to fluid flow systems. To combat these problems, maintenance professionals must utilize check valves that are equal parts reliable and efficient.

Applications in the Building Maintenance Industry

Industrial boiler interior with lots of pipes, pumps and valves.Within the building maintenance industry, the use of a check valve is advantageous to several applications, such as compressor or pump discharge and draining of condensate lines. Check valves can prevent reverse flow in compressors or pumps and reduce the amount of surge from its discharge; these valves can through the use of drain lines and return lines alleviate the buildup of condensate and other contaminants such as oil and particulate matter. In Line or Silent Check Valves can also be used to effectively control or eliminate water hammer that can result from pump shutdown or sudden closure of isolation and on/off valves.

DFT Check Valves for Building Maintenance Applications

To ensure efficient operation of facility systems and related components, DFT provides a wide assortment of high-quality check valves for your specific needs. DFT’s Check valve solutions are available in a wide variety of styles to suit your specific application needs for size, pressure rating and installation requirements.

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DFT has been a trusted provider of versatile, highly reliable check valves for over seven decades. Contact us today for more information regarding building maintenance applications or any of our products. You can also download a free copy of the DFT Check Valve Catalog below.

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