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My Control Valve is Causing Problems, What Do I Do?

It’s my weekend off and I get a call from the plant. The level alarm has gone off and our process had to be shut down. It turns out that the level control valve has once again failed in its task. We do our typical “work around” to start up the system and operate the […]

Once Upon a Time This Valve Worked Well

Our process had to be shut down again.  It seems that the original valve is no longer up to the task.  Should I continue to simply repair the valve or should I look for another solution?  Up until now, it was far easier to repair the valve and/or replace it in kind … but my […]

The Importance of Good Information About Valves

Proper valve selection is critical for ideal operation of any system. Improper valve selection can cause system underperformance or failure. The greatest problem when selecting valves is incorrect information. Often, we may only have access to incomplete or dated information regarding valve applications. Do we know enough about the system the valve will be used […]

DFT Inc. Returns to Valve World and Power-Gen International

Before 2014 comes to an end, DFT Inc. will be returning to the Valve World and Power-Gen International as featured exhibitors. Valve World Conference & Exhibition The 9th biennial Valve World Conference & Exhibition is the largest platform in the world for valve and actuator specialists to share information and ideas. Valves and valve-related products are widely […]

Why Are We Always Repairing This Valve?

I just had my boss read me the riot act – again. I exceeded my valve maintenance budget for the year—with three months to go. She certainly won’t buy into the fact that I did not get the budget that I asked to have. It’s up to me to determine how to lower our costs […]

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