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10 Things Engineers & Maintenance Managers Should Know About Check Valves

Check valves serve a wide variety of purposes and services. Understanding how they work is essential to accessing the range of benefits they offer. We all want to purchase check valves that are not only of the highest quality, but offer long-lasting durability and sustainability. Finding the best valve for your project requires research and […]

DFT Releases Efficient New Axial-Flow Check Valve

DFT Inc., an industry leader in the manufacturing of check valves for more than 70 years, proudly announces the release of its new BNC™ Check Valve, a nozzle-style, axial-flow check valve specifically designed to excel in high-pressure applications. Many natural gas companies and other industries are now placing their pipelines below ground and are looking […]

Choose a Rewarding Career with DFT, Inc.

Finding an ideal career is vital for your personal and professional growth. Once you’ve started down a career path, you need to find a company that can encourage this growth—you deserve nothing less. At DFT, Inc., we are a tight-knit company that is highly dedicated to our employees and customers alike. DFT has been a […]

PDC Check Valve

Meet the PDC Valve, DFT’s Unique Check Valve

Industry professionals responsible for proper fluid and gas flow are well aware of the importance of check valves. Since many check valves operate automatically and are not under constant human control, choosing the right type of valve is critical. Every application demands a unique valve; this is particularly true when referring to the discharge side […]

Pressure Testing DFT Check Valves

Check valves are known for their versatility and durability in diverse applications and processes. Many professionals rely on check valves daily, and as such, the valves they utilize must be of the highest possible quality. Moreover, check valves must conform to industry standards to ensure successful results. DFT Inc. has manufactured check valves for over […]

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